Garth Fitzgerald IV...Oh, Marmaduke, you're crazy
Garth Fitzgerald IV: Hunter

Supernautral verse

Roleplayer, you idjits.

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Anonymous sent:
Can we do the plotty plot? Don't know how you feel about OC's... ~thebigbadpureblood

Sure thing. I’m fine with that :)

*is here* Who wants me?

"Here is a hug…come here…"

Who is here? :) I give hugs. Come get hugs from Garth

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*lurks and stuff*

hunterofoz sent:
-pulls into a kiss and dips her-

She grinned and kissed her back. “Hi.”

Anonymous sent:
I need my clit licked, Garth

I’m here

|| Open



"Well, go buy more Gogurt and lick it off of my body. Just hurry…I am not sure how much more time we will be alone. You sure are kinky sometimes, my beloved."


"We got a whole box in the fridge which gives us more time"

"Well, go get the damn box and I’ll get naked."