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Garth Fitzgerald IV: Hunter

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Roleplayer, you idjits.

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I love you all

I am sorry I haven’t been around as much as I have. My muse Garth has been kind of sorta lately. Another muse has been awake more. Plus, I work a part time that keeps me pretty busy. I usually lurk on here still. I’d love to have scenes with my old and new followers. Just be patience. I’ll reply to them.

"Okay then…"

Your muse is in a frisky mood, Send “You’re All Mine!” For my Muses reaction to yours pinning mine down on their bed.

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Gardenia had came to Bon Temps to look into joining a new pack. Every single one that she had visited before just wasn’t the right fit. She highly doubted that any would with how she fit in with her old one so easily. However, they were gone and she was a lone wolf for now. This was only going to be a pit stop though for overnight until she moved on into Shreveport. Motel down the block and she was making a quick stop to get some food.




"I don’t care if you’re an ass man… Stop talking about my ass."

"What? I am not feeling the love."

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"Nice booty on ya there, Deputy Stackhouse."


"Nope, I will not. I am a butt person."

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"Nice booty on ya there, Deputy Stackhouse."


I hate this website

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I’m lurking, but I want rp. Come bug Garth or Gardenia :)


They’re all warriors

(Sorry if someones already done this.)