Garth Fitzgerald IV...Oh, Marmaduke, you're crazy
Garth Fitzgerald IV: Hunter

Supernautral verse

Roleplayer, you idjits.

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Send my muse “I am in love with you— there, I said it” for their reaction.

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Anonymous sent:
Can we do the plotty plot? Don't know how you feel about OC's... ~thebigbadpureblood

Sure thing. I’m fine with that :)

*is here* Who wants me?

"Here is a hug…come here…"

Who is here? :) I give hugs. Come get hugs from Garth

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*lurks and stuff*

hunterofoz sent:
-pulls into a kiss and dips her-

She grinned and kissed her back. “Hi.”

Anonymous sent:
I need my clit licked, Garth

I’m here