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Thyroid scan is done

But feeling dizzy because of it. Wee, fun day for me so far.

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I want a Harry Potter Au storyline.

You might belong in Hufflepuff

where they are just and loyal

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dylan watching himself on the season 2 blooper reel (x,x)

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Its that time of night…

Camp Half Blood (AU storyline)



She giggled at his answer. It was happiness giggle. She grinned and couldn’t wait. “Sooo…I should go…its getting late. I’ll see you on Tuesday evening…or if you want to sit with me at chow time, its all good too. I usually go and eat underneath a tree….”

Oh wow, that sounded sadder out loud than she meant. “I like to read,” She replied to cover up how lonely that sounded.


"Let’s stow the eating under a tree," he said slowly. "I’ll see you at lunch tomorrow. I’ll let you have half my PB&J." He saluted once and grinned, then started moving backward. He promptly tripped over a tree root, then righted himself and made it look (almost) like he’d planned to do that from the start.

"See you then!" Stiles gave one final wave before turning and moving away. As he walked, a sock drifted down from the tree tops and he laughed.


She had to let out a laugh at that. It was adorable. Though, she quickly moved over to check if he was okay. She wasn’t a complete jerk. “You okay?” She asked as he tried to play it off cool. “Be careful. Don’t break your neck because of a stupid tree.”

"Alright…" She said with a quick nod. Slowly, she backed away until he was outside of sight.

The next day came sooner than she thought. Before long, it was eleven am. Instead of lunch, she was out by the water and ready to take a dip.

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